The charity impact challenge

Charities need to robustly demonstrate their social impact,
but often don't know where to start.

Charities want to showcase impact powerfully,
but don't have a big budget.

The solution? A new social impact tool — called Muesli!

What is Muesli?

A compelling articulation of your social impact

A robust foundation for impact measurement

Expert impact consultancy & professionally designed visuals

Why use Muesli?

Show your beneficiaries how you can help

Engage funders and increase your profile

Induct your staff and volunteers

Better align your strategy and activities with your mission


Impact measurement is crucial for any charity to effectively deliver on its mission. An Impact Map (a.k.a. 'theory of change') is an essential first step on the journey towards improving your impact. It forms the basis of a social impact measurement framework, and your strategy to improve your charity's social impact.

What our clients say

"The Theory of Change gives us a more consistent / coherent way for SSE schools and central to talk about ourselves, what we do, and the difference it makes. As a result, we have a stronger proposition for existing funders to renew and potential funders to be attracted."
School for Social Entrepreneurs

“The work CAN [the charity behind Muesli] carried out on PACT and other evaluation projects provides a strong basis to continue this successful partnership on the impact assessment of future projects.”
Manor House Development Trust

“The Theory of Change has been very useful in articulating the end outcomes and impacts for ALL beneficiaries when we talk about the business to new audiences”

“We have used the Theory of Change both internally and externally so there is much greater clarity about the impact of what we do and being able to collect data to evidence that.”
User Voice

"For the first time, we have an impact management framework that we will be using across our portfolio. Impact data will also be used as a communications and business development tool, driven by a sophisticated understanding of the difference we are making to young people's lives."

 "We plan to align our Theory of Change with plans for scaling."

What funders say

"The move from grant funding to contracts and the increasing expectations of transparency have put a greater focus on how charities measure and demonstrate the impact they make."
UK House of Lords Select Committee on Charities Report, 2017

"Projects we fund set out to make a difference. Measuring outcomes and impact helps us to understand the difference that projects make. It can also help us learn from and improve what we do. We can use theories of change to help us measure impact. These look at what projects will change, how and why.”
Big Lottery Fund, 'Measuring the Difference Projects Make', 2017

“Theory of Change… can be a useful tool for communicating what your programme does, and how it has an impact, in a clear and convincing way."
NESTA, 'Social Innovation Fund Theory of Change Guidance for Applicants'

The healthy way for charities and social enterprises to start their social impact journey

Our Products

We currently offer two ‘types’ of Muesli:

1. Designed Impact Maps

A professionally designed social impact map, that gives an overview of how your project or organisation creates impact, for funders and others using one of our tried and tested templates.

You can select a ready-made colour scheme, or specify your own colour palette!

A simple overview of how your organisation/project creates impact in the short- and long-term.

A more sophisticated overview of how your organisation/project creates impact at different stages of support.

A simple overview of how your organisation/project creates impact, using the classic 'log-frame' approach.

2. Accredited Impact Maps

A unique social impact map that credibly and vividly expresses how your project or organisation creates impact.  We give one-to-one input through:

  • Expert impact consultants to make your map more credible, coherent, and compelling, based on wider evidence and research.
  • Graphic designers to make sure your impact map stands out.


Overview of overall impact of music programme for current and ex offenders


Presenting outcomes and unique approaches to delivery for a specific project


Interim and long-term outcomes for service users and key stakeholders


Presenting the journey of students with profound and multiple learning  difficulties


Presenting outcomes for mental health clients to an external audience


Key outcomes for students, tutors and schools

Helping charities and social enterprises eat social impact for breakfast!

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