Why visualise your social impact?

"The Theory of Change gives us a more consistent / coherent way for SSE schools and central to talk about ourselves, what we do, and the difference it makes. As a result, we have a stronger proposition for existing funders to renew and potential funders to be attracted."
School for Social Entrepreneurs

“The work CAN [the charity behind Muesli] carried out on PACT and other evaluation projects provides a strong basis to continue this successful partnership on the impact assessment of future projects.”

“The Theory of Change has been very useful in articulating the end outcomes and impacts for ALL beneficiaries when we talk about the business to new audiences”

“We have used the Theory of Change both internally and externally so there is much greater clarity about the impact of what we do and being able to collect data to evidence that.”
User Voice

"For the first time, we have an impact management framework that we will be using across our portfolio. Impact data will also be used as a communications and business development tool, driven by a sophisticated understanding of the difference we are making to young people's lives."

"We plan to align our Theory of Change with plans for scaling."


I need to measure my organisation's social impact, but don't know where to start...

Hundreds of organisations have approached us over 10+ years asking for help on measuring their social impact. Whilst social impact measurement is a crucial task for any social organisation looking to increase income and impact, it is still a difficult concept to fully grasp. Most organisations develop their expertise by bringing in consultants, but smaller ones often don't have the budget to do so. So we decided to do something about it: Muesli! Here are some reasons why you should try it out:

Improve your impact strategy

With Muesli, you can develop an Impact Map to outline who you work with, what you do with them, and the results of this work in one place. The map can be used to inform strategic decisions, such as which new programmes to pursue, which activities work best with certain beneficiaries, and even which activities to stop doing.

Show funders your outcomes

Your impact map will outline who you work with, what you do with them, and the results of this work. You can use this to show funders and commissioners how you create impact, what makes your organisation special and help them assess your fit with their funding objectives.

Develop your impact framework

You can use the Impact Map to clarify your priorities for impact measurement, such as which outcomes to measure and for which stakeholders.  In turn, this will help you monitor, manage and increase your social impact.

Reach the wider public

Your Impact Map can help members of the general public to understand what you do in a way that they can relate to. You can use it as a sales and marketing tool for people that might be interested in getting involved as a beneficiary, donor or volunteer.

Help users & clients on their journey

Show service users and beneficiaries what you do and what they can expect to gain from your support.

Induct new staff & volunteers

Help staff and volunteers see the bigger picture, and where and how their work contributes to your organisation’s objectives.

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