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"The final infographic is really high quality and will be a fantastic resource for us to engage members, stakeholders and potential members. There was clear communication throughout from the CAN team with guiding and knowledgeable conversations helping us along the way.

Finally, it was priced very well, which made this work accessible for us. We've been priced out previously." Cate Atwater, Chief Executive, Community Leisure UK.

Community Leisure UK commissioned CAN Invest to develop a Theory of Change for the organisation:

(i) to clarify organisational purpose; and

(ii) to demonstrate to members the outcomes that can be achieved with them; and

(iii) to clearly articulate their activities, approach and outcomes.

Community Leisure UK is the association that specialises in charitable leisure trusts across the UK. They champion and protect the trust model by enabling networking and knowledge sharing with peers and external stakeholders.


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