How It Works


Try a Taster!

A 5 minute taster to see what you can get


Select a template

Choose one of our two templates to suit your purpose and target audience


Complete our impact quiz

It takes 20-30 minutes to complete and you can save your answers as you go. You don't need to prepare anything in advance, but can complete it alongside colleagues.

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Receive your social impact map

It will arrive within 48 hours of you completing your impact quiz, along with tips on how you could refine it.


Make it beautiful

Take your impact map to the next level by applying a professional design to make it suitable for external publication.

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Receive additional expert support

Finally, you have the option to receive two hours of bespoke and tailored advice from social impact experts at CAN Invest, to help take your impact map to a sophisticated level. We will then provide advice on how to engage further stakeholders to bring additional perspectives to your map, and enable you to edit the map as you receive feedback.

About Us

Muesli is an initiative of CAN, a registered charity trading as a social enterprise, and the UK’s largest social provider of premises, skills and finance.

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