Our Pricing

Why pay £2,500* for consultancy to create a credible Impact Map / Theory of Change?

Using our 10+ years' experience helping organisations with social impact, we have automated major parts of the process to deliver a several options with excellent value for money:


Free (You give 5 mins, get immediate result)
  • Includes elements of a social impact map
  • Gives you a sense of what a full impact map would look like
  • View an example here


£550 ** (You give 1 hour, results in 1 week)
  • Professionally designed social impact map aligned with your branding
  • Overview of how your organisation creates impact, for funders and others
  • Recommendations plan to help improve your impact map
  • View examples here


£980 ** (You give 2 hours, results in 2 weeks)


Price on consultation (Per day or per hour rates available)
  • Tailored support to update your existing map or Theory of Change


* Expert consultants will typically charge up to £2,500 (e.g. 4 days @ £600 ex VAT per day) to create a credible Impact Map / Theory of Change for an organisation.

** All prices are exclusive of VAT (ex VAT).  These prices are currently only available to existing customers of CAN (the charity behind Muesli) or to non-profit customers of our carefully selected referral partners.

Taster example (click image to enlarge)

To get an initial idea of how an Impact Map might look for your organisation

Designed examples (click images to enlarge)

A professionally designed impact map for your organisation, based on expert social impact principles

Accredited examples (click images to enlarge)

An accredited impact map enhanced through tailored 1-1 consultancy, with a unique graphic design specifically for your organisation

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Muesli is an initiative of CAN, a registered charity trading as a social enterprise, and the UK’s largest social provider of premises, skills and finance.

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